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So you’ve started your new business and know you will eventually have to fill in a tax return. Or you have been a sole trader for years but are looking for a better way of doing your accounts and tax returns each year. Above all, you want to know how much tax to pay, when to pay and above all be sure it is the right amount.

And then you have questions about what expenses you can claim to reduce the tax bill. Then there are VAT returns to file and national insurance to pay; you may want to take someone on as an employee, or a subcontractor. There is so much paperwork and regulation to comply with when you should be finding new customers and carrying on your business.

We can help

First, we offer a simple and convenient way of keeping your accounting records using Quick Books Online. With your bank transactions feeding into the software automatically, you can see very quickly how the business is doing – and we can give you a forecast of your tax and national insurance liability based on your profits so you can save towards the tax bill in January and July each year.

Secondly, we advise you if when and how to register for VAT and then how to use Quick Books Online to file returns. We can run your payroll when you take on employees, and file CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) returns if you use subcontractors.

Finally we are always there to answer questions about accounting and tax matters, leaving you free to run your business.


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